About Department:

English, being the medium of instruction and also the associate-official language, emerged as the first subject to be taught in this institution and consequently the Department of English got established in the year 1950, the same year as the establishment of the college itself. In the beginning, General English as a compulsory subject and English Literature as a subject of choice were offered in the Department. Later on, catering to the changing needs and demands, the college in the year 2000 added more faculty to the English Department by offering a new subject viz Functional English as a vocational subject and a course for communication skills. A modern and sophisticated language lab was set up which over the years has proven a great asset to this department. Also, under the aegis of Kashmir University, the college started a post-graduate course in English having an updated library and a competent faculty to teach the subject to students. “English is the global lingua-franca” which provides communicative competence and gives a general ability to use language accurately, appropriately and flexibly; hence the college takes great pride in inducting English as a compulsory subject at the undergraduate level. The Department of English has been providing the students with a medium of competing with the rest of the world. The department has produced good results and has contributed a lot to the personality development of students. It has enabled them to participate in various literary activities. The department is treasured with innumerable books which endow the students with valuable information. The department admits undergraduates to a three-year degree course and a two-year master’s programme. It aims at providing instructions for carrying out research in both traditional and frontier areas of English studies. The department also introduced English Honors in the year 2010. It is a very popular subject with a high rate of results. English programmes represent three important perspectives on the study of language and text – Rhetoric investigates the principles and practices underlying effective communication from the codex books to the modern website. Literary and Cultural studies examine the history, value and meaning of texts in their cultural and historical settings. Creative writing emphasizes the artistry in the construction of poetry, fiction, essays, non-fiction and screenplays. And the Department of English endeavours to guide our students in all the programmes offered by the department.

  1. Year of establishment 1950
  2. No. of teachers 14+9
  3. No. of administrative posts One HOD
  4. No. of assisting staff 01
  5. No. of students 7500
  6. Demand Ratio 80:1
  7. Ratio of teachers to students 326:1

Our Mission:

The department of English has the mission to impart quality education based on academic knowledge and expertise to produce graduates and post-graduates possessing the required skills and proficiency to make their place in the professional environment. Our English programme has two perspectives – the compulsory course in General English aims to develop communication skills and fluency in listening, speaking, reading and writing to enable the students capable of further studies in their respective disciplines and to meet the career demands. The second course is in English literature. The study of literature as a major subject helps to equip students with the knowledge of literary texts, and their historical backgrounds and skills them with close critical analysis in order to study, appreciate and above all enjoy literature.


1Prof. YaqootFaculty Member
2Prof. Lubna NahviHOD
3Dr. Shabir Hussain MirzaFaculty Member
4Prof. Alima MudasirFaculty Member
5Dr. Abina HabibFaculty Member
6Dr. WasiaFaculty Member
7Prof. Naheed ShafiFaculty Member
8Prof. Tuba RashidFaculty Member
9Prof. SabaFaculty Member